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  1. Feasibility Studies for initiating a School Project.
  2. Conceptualizing and launching an Educational Institution.
  3. Recognition and Affiliation.
  4. Adopting a School on turnkey basis
  5. Consultancy for Designing and Infrastructural Planning.
  6. Selection of Teaching Materials and Library books.
  7. Revenue Generation and Financial viability.


  1. Curriculum Planning and Development
  2. Designing of instructional Material
  3. Designing of Tools and Techniques of Evaluation
  4. Remedial and Enrichment Programs.
  5. Qualitative and Quantitative improvement in School and Board Results.

Induction of Human Resource

  1. Recruitment of Teachers.
  2. Recruitment of Administrative Staff.

Human Resource Management

  1. Input to teachers on Content.
  2. Input to teachers on Methodology.
  3. Input to teachers on Classroom Management.
  4. Motivation of Teachers.
  5. Up-gradation of Teachers Communication skills.

School Improvement Program

SIP is a package for qualitative up-gradation of a School. Specific programmes to   formulate and achieve the Mission Statement increase Admission in take and Parent Satisfaction Index, leading to improved visibility of the School are its essential features.