Infrastructural Planning

Infrastructural Planning is always need-based. The physical facilities of the school are designed or renovated by us keeping in mind the optimum utilization of the space and safety concerns for its users.


The School campus should be an aesthetically designed place. The classrooms and the surrounding areas should be visually attractive and stimulating as the children spend the best part of their day in the School. We take special care to make it safe and comfortable for the young users. We advise on and design Display Boards, Bulletin Boards, School Magazine, Dolls House, Kid's Pool and Mini Zoo etc. Selection of Instructional Materials and Library Books

The instructional materials assist the teacher to invoke the interest of the child and achieve the learning objectives more effectively. The selection of these teaching aids and other materials has to be done very judiciously, keeping in mind the individual needs of the children

Instructional material such as Text-books, Library books, Teaching aids for different subjects, CD-ROMs, outdoor and indoor games material and Science Equipment lists are available with us and we advise and assist in placing orders

Curriculum is one of those crucial areas of education which merits a close scrutiny by the School management, as it relates to the holistic development of the child. Curriculum is responsible for developing the latent talents and capabilities of the child to achieve the learning outcomes effectively.
The curriculum adopted by a School should be best suited to the mental level and interests of the child. It must also take due cognizance of the social environment and the factors that are responsible for it.

The module for curriculum development and designing offered by us is a comprehensive exercise that begins with objectives and concludes with assessment of the suitability of the module itself. It provides exhaustive inputs in the following areas:

  • Formulation of Objectives
  • Selection of Content
  • Planning of Teaching-Learning Strategies
  • Designing of Instructional Materials
  • Designing of Tools and Techniques of Evaluation
  • Identification of Children with Learning Disabilities
  • Administration of Achievement Tests

The experts on our team are experienced in designing curriculum at all levels of school Education. Change is the demand of time.
The need to change for better is the underlying conviction behind every endeavour. As one grows, one hopes to imbibe the latest and the best in his field to compete for the top slot.
IECS Research & Development Team has developed a Curriculum on Brain Based Learning, Four Styles of Learning, Multiple Intelligences and use of Music, Movement and Colour for Pre-Primary Education:

  • Curriculum for Nursery/Lower Kindergarten
  • Curriculum for Upper Kindergarten