Customised Modules Of Training

Besides our well researched and designed modules, we also conduct customized workshops and seminars. We provide training services at micro and macro levels, delivering technical and management support to clients, ranging from individual schools to Educational Groups. The workshops and training sessions can vary in duration and Number of Days, depending upon the program content and the training needs. We aim at empowering teachers to give their best and enhancing student learning through empowering teachers. We help schools develop successful, well-motivated and dynamic teams focused on high quality teaching and learning.


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The modules draw from the work of educators, behavioural scientists and philosophers like Jean Piaget, Howard Gardner, Vygotsky, Herbert Kohl, Benjamin Bloom, Joseph Luft, Daniel Goleman, J. Krishnamurthy, Sri Aurobindo, David Kolb, Ricki Linksman and Mel Levine; to name a few. In due course teachers experience being active learners through games & adventure activities, collaborative learning, profiling instruments, situation simulation reading, reflection, sharing , discussion and session reviews.

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We specialize in the field of Teacher Training. We have experience of training teachers of all the levels through workshops, seminars, orientation programs and interactive open-house sessions with a panel of subject experts, child psychologists’ etc.