School Improvement Program

The School Improvement Program offered by us is designed to guide a school to realize its optimum potential.


The SIP or the School Improvement Program is a package for qualitative up- gradation of an educational institution. The SIP is most suitable for the schools that have not been able to realize their full potential for one or the other reason. It begins with a thorough evaluation of an institution to assess its strengths and weaknesses. This leads to determining the needs of this institution so that remedial measures or additional inputs may be given in the required areas.
The School Improvement Program is implemented in three stages:

1. Socialization: under this valuable inputs are provided in the behavioural aspect of the institution e.g. Manpower planning, and inter-personal relations etc.

2. Internalization: This relates to role fixation as per the aptitudes and capabilities of the individuals so that they are able to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

3. Institutionalization: This is the ultimate goal to be achieved under the School Improvement Program, whereby all the individuals connected with the institution are motivated to contribute cohesively in a positive manner for the success of the institution.

This package helps to ultimately create an ideal institution. Specific programmes to formulate and achieve the Vision, Mission Statement & Objectives; increase Admission in-take and Parent Satisfaction Index; Marketing & Branding leading to improved visibility of the School are its essential features.
The School has a Vision, a Mission Statement and Objectives to strive for. We develop Standing Operating Procedures (SOP ́ s), Processes, Procedures and these are all documented. The Road Map is thus laid and Check Lists, Rating Scales are also developed in advance to measure the Efficiency and Effectiveness of each process.

Hence constant Mentoring & Monitoring Tools/Plans are designed. Formal Methods of Feedback of all Stake-holders are established. Programs are suggested for Admission Drives, Publicity, Branding and Marketing of a School. Recruitment Policy, Admission Policy. Complaint handling Policy, Dealing with Problems of Discipline, Organizing Functions, Schemes of Rewards and Incentives are stipulated and it is ensured that the School Improves.
Quality School Governance (NABET-QCI), TQM, Kaizen, Six Sigma and SQAA (CBSE-School Quality Assessment and Accreditation)and other Quality manuals are shared and practiced to ensure a safe passage of the School to be a ́ Quality School.́