Our Vision and Mission

Indira Educational Consultancy Services caters exclusively to the field of Education. We believe that Education is an industry where right kind of planning, investment and management is as essential as in any other industry-so as to achieve optimum levels of efficiency. Our areas of expertise are School Education, Training and Mentoring of Teachers and School Leaders, Quality Management of Schools, Academic & Quality Audits, Accreditation, Improving Performance of students and Teachers

We believe that Education is an industry

We offer a wide spectrum of services related to conceptualizing, infrastructure and human resource development. We guide newly established Schools in obtaining recognition, NOC and in seeking affiliation with CBSE, the Council of Indian School Education, Cambridge International Examinations, and GSCE IB.

Our management is backed by expert educationists, school administrators, curriculum planners and developers, teacher-trainers, subject experts and management consultants. We ensure complete client satisfaction while rendering our services. Our endeavor is and always will be to recruit highly qualified professionals for our existing and future clients. We maintain a premium and very strong database of candidates. Our rigorous screening and training processes ensure that you can rely on us to handle your requirements in the shortest possible span of time.

Our prime objective when it comes to the training solutions is to rekindle our participants' passion for both teaching as well as learning. Make their brain revolt against their dead, obsolete knowledge and instigate them to question, discuss and debate on various pedagogical issues. Our team of educators and facilitators is all set to make the paradigm shift of our education system coming alive to the idea of progressive and engaging schools turn to reality.

Through innovative training programs and need based participant counselling, we assist institutions in moving their human potential to newer frontiers and thereby help in bringing to life schools that serve to be a rewarding experience for our children: lively, enjoyable, challenging yet humane. It is an attempt to revitalize our schools to most learning ones.

For us "School Solution" is not a mere set of alphabets it is an ideology towards perfection

Our Mission

We aspire for Quality Holistic Education in Educational Institutions through involvement of all the stakeholders and the interested parties. We aim to create Quality Schools where educators are professionally committed, innovative and capable of leading our students to face the challenges of modern society with a firm conviction in peace, humanism and non-violence