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"Education" as a word has its origin in

  • 'educare',
  • 'educere' and
  • 'educatum'.

They mean:

  • 'Pouring in'-that is informing, giving knowledge, instructing, training, indoctrination;
  • 'Drawing out"- that is enabling, facilitating, making the inner outer, emancipation; and
  • "The act of Instruction�-that is teaching, telling, lecturing, questioning, etc.

Broadly, we hold that 'Education is reorganization and reconstruction of human experience.' Education thus is ennobling and enabling. It is Emancipation.�

The purposes of Education are:

  • Transmission of culture & traditions- knowledge and values
  • Social Progress- creativity and innovation.
  • Social Control- exercise authority and make one behave within accepted social norms.


The Four Pillars of Education are:

  • Learn to know
  • Learn to do
  • Learn to live together, and
  • Learn to be.


Education should help an individual to respond to situations in a positive way, become individually competent, socially efficient and self-actualize by realizing ones potential.
Education builds ones capacities and competencies and teaches one to live happily with others and thus fulfill the Purpose of the Creator.