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Teaching is building inter-personal relationships and facilitating the process of Learning. Fear has no place in this.
Fear is an emotion that distorts reason, reduces mental capabilities and develops apathy, depression and leads to frustration. It also hampers learning and effects performance adversely. Once we realize this, half the battle is won.
The relationship of a teacher and a student is that of a Guru and a disciple. It is based on mutual trust and faith. A teacher who believes in the innate goodness of all human beings, who believes in Fatherhood of God, who believes that every child has it in him and it is only the right kind of learning experiences, the right type of teaching strategies and the right form of environment that can draw out the latent talents of students; will never resort to any kind of practices that even come close to developing fear.
"To be in Love or to Doubt", says Othello.

The Process of Teaching -Learning is one where fear can be detrimental to the process and the personality development of both- the child and the teacher.
We need to create an open Classroom environment where asking questions becomes a habit, where committing mistakes is acceptable as it leads to learning, where every small success is celebrated, where every desirable response is reinforced and every undesirable response is ignored.

Rules to be followed are decided upon after deliberation by students for the students, discipline is more a matter of self-discipline, social control is Modelled in the behaviour of teachers, the systems are flexible to adapt to changed needs and conditions, the school environment is one that caters to emotional security and channelization and where confidence building measures are a routine activity.

Teachers have to be of this firm conviction and thoroughly mentored in Classroom behaviour management techniques. The teachers need not be unduly friendly. Mutual respect has to replace authority. Discussion has to give way to one way communication and the number of activities in which students and teachers participate together, both inside the classroom and in the playfield, indoors and outdoors have to be in plenty.
Cheer up my friends, there is a vast store house of Research based information available on Managing Students.