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Teachers have to learn fast to survive

“We have read about Darwin’s Theory of “Survival of the Fittest”. Darwin’s definition of “the fittest” was not the organism that was the strongest or the most intelligent, but rather the one that could adapt most quickly. One adapts when one learns. Therefore, whoever learns the fastest, adapts the fastest and survives. This concept can be applied to organisms of many types, including teachers, administrators, managements and schools, companies, governments, and so on. Whatever the "living entity" you choose, this point highlights the need and importance for lifelong learning. Those of us who want to survive in the present scenario of competitions have to adapt, which is possible only through learning.”……………Steven Roudolph.
What are those essential things that we as teachers have to learn and learn fast?
My answer is 7C’s.

Communication Skills comes first to my mind. A teacher needs to possess very good communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal.

Content hold and depth of knowledge of the subject is very important. A teacher with love for his subject and a passion to make the students love the subject is bound to succeed.
Confidence of a teacher helps him in transacting curriculum with ease and deal effectively with classroom management issues.

Clarity of thought, clarity of expression, clarity of objectives, clarity of techniques and strategies and clarity of the teaching –learning process are also essential.

Coherence in presentation of material, views, opinions, arguments and even in organising activities in order of complexity is basic to good teaching.

Computer Literacy, I would ask for IT Skills are an asset to a teacher.

Continuous updating of one’s knowledge, skills and a sincere attempt at Professional Development is going to be a pre-requisite.

Teachers need all this for their survival and success. With explosion in knowledge, advances in Technology, research evidence in Learning; teachers will have to rise to the occasion and perform at levels that match the expectations of the society. Quality, Excellence, Perfection are not abstract ideals; these are attainable and teachers will be expected to work for these.

Friends, let us change our attitude and perception. We have chosen this profession and all eyes are on us, the parents have faith in us, the society looks up to us to create innovative citizens who contribute to world’s peace, prosperity, progress and preservation.