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Training Teacher on HOTS

The CBSE has introduced since March 2008, 10% to 20 % HOTS Questions in the Board Papers of Classes X & XII. All of us engaged in the noble task of teaching have always been endeavouring hard to teach in ways as not only lead to optimal learning but also develop creativity in our students.

Teaching is a challenging task and Teaching to Think is more challenging. But it is not impossible. Researches in Cognitive Psychology, Brain-based Teaching, NLP, MI and Experiments in Teaching for Thinking by Edward de Bono, Tony Ryan, Bloom, Gardener and others have made it possible for us to devise Strategies of Teaching that can develop Thinking Skills and even the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), in our students.
In this regard, a proposal for a Workshop for Teachers to help them discover ways and means of Teaching for Higher Order Thinking Skills.


INDIRA EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES is a professional organization committed to Quality Education through Teacher Empowerment, Professional Development of teachers and Increasing Parent Satisfaction Index by ensuring improved Performance of Students.
IECS has been conducting Teacher Training Workshops across the length and breadth of India. More than 10000 Teachers from Reputed & Prestigious Public Schools, Air Force Schools, Colleges of Education, Residential Public Schools and International Schools have attended these Workshops.  The Workshops are well appreciated. They build the growth path of the participant Teachers and Administrators of Schools and also contribute in the development of their respective organizations.
IECS also regularly organizes Enrichment Education Programs (Customized and Need-Based). These programs have become a necessity in today’s Educational environment marked by globalization, fierce competition, Knowledge Explosion, changed technological complexity & diversity and the expectations of all the   Stake-holders: Students, Teachers, Parents, Managements and the Society. 
IECS is actively engaged in developing and updating Students, Teachers, Heads of Institutions, Managers and Members on the Board of Directors of Schools, by organizing and conducting Customized as well as Need-Based Programs / Seminars / Workshops In behavioural and functional areas, and in development of Teaching Competencies & Skills.  IECS has recently conducted very successfully Workshops on The Higher Order Thinking Skills: HOTS, especially in the light of the recommendation and directives of the CBSE, Delhi.

About Workshop :
    Scession 1-Thinking Skills
    • Teaching students to Think
    • Critical Thinking.
    • Creative Thinking.
    • Convergent and Divergent Thinking.
    • Lateral Thinking and De Bono’s Six Hats...       
    • The Thinking Keys. (Unlocking the Locks of Thinking.)
    • MI and SMARTS.
    • SCAMPER strategy.
    Scession 2- Cognitive Domain- Classification of Six Stages
    • Bloom’s Taxonomy.
    • Bloom’s Taxonomy- REVISITED.
    • Remembering- Tools, Products, Roles of Teachers / Students & Questions.
    • Understanding- Tools, Products, Roles of Teachers / Students & Questions.
    • Applying- Tools, Products, Roles of Teachers / Students & Questions.
    • Analyzing- Tools, Products, Roles of Teachers / Students & Questions.
    • Evaluating- Tools, Products, Roles of Teachers / Students & Questions.
    • Creating- Tools, Products, Roles of Teachers / Students & Questions.
    Scession 3- Examples, exercises and situational analysis to reinforce insights gained
    • Space (Matrix of Questions)
    • Travel (Matrix of Questions)
    • Question Papers
    • Strategy to integrate..

The Workshop is very useful and suitable for Teachers of all Levels- Right from Play School to the Senior Secondary. It will be an excellent exposure for people engaged in Teaching & Evaluation, Unit Heads, Co-coordinators, Academic Supervisors, Mentors and Heads of Institutions who want to reinforce their understanding of fundamental principles of various Levels of Thinking, Structure of Questions and practice framing Questions of Higher Order Thinking Skills, both during classroom teaching and for the tests.

You are advised to consider organising this Workshop for teachers of your School and you may invite participants from other Schools also to attend this programme.

The Workshop has been designed in a way as deals with Pedagogical Concepts, Psychological Terms related to the Topic and side by side gives enough hints, ideas and Practice to the Participants as to How to Teach to Think and How to Develop Higher Order Thinking Skills. The programme has been designed for Teachers teaching the CBSE and IB Curriculum.