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Our well researched and designed modules, we also conduct customized workshops and seminars. We provide training services at micro and macro levels, delivering technical and management support to clients, ranging from individual schools to Educational Groups. The workshops and training sessions can vary from 4X6 hours to 2x180 hours, depending upon the program content and the training needs

We aim at empowering teachers to give their best and enhancing student learning through empowering teachers. We help schools develop successful, well-motivated and dynamic teams focused on high quality teaching and learning.

These Programs are meant for:

  • Educators who are responsive and awake to themselves and the world around them
  • Educators who believe in a culture of openness & working Collaboratively
  • Educators who are motivated to make a difference and who can motivate children in turn through experiential and reflection based modules.
  • Schools and Teachers who have identified their Competency Gaps and need Training.
These programs seek to:
  • Enhance participant's self awareness, help them tune in to their individual and collective strengths and discover their own potential to make a difference.
  • Facilitate them in the process of revisiting and questioning their beliefs and assumptions on teaching and learning and inspire them to initiate change
  • Enhance instructional skills; inculcate use of innovative teaching and Pedagogical approaches
  • Enhance instructional skills; inculcate use of innovative teaching and Pedagogical approaches

Empower teachers by providing them skills in areas of inquiry based learning, creative thinking, developing problem solving skills among students, assessment strategies etc.

The modules draw from the work of educators, behavioural scientists and philosophers like Jean Piaget, Howard Gardner, Vygotsky, Herbert Kohl, Benjamin Bloom, Joseph Luft, Daniel Goleman, J. Krishnamurthy, Sri Aurobindo, David Kolb, Ricki Linksman and Mel Levine; to name a few.

In due course teachers experience being active learners through games &a adventure activities, collaborative learning, profiling instruments, situation simulation reading, reflection, sharing , discussion and session reviews.

Our experts have attended, organized and been Project Directors of :-

  • In-service re-orientation package of 20 days for Teachers in U.P.
  • Workshops on Value Education Development Models at Indore & Srinagar
  • Seminars and workshops on Models of Teaching and Effective teaching at Delhi, Ludhiana
  • Workshop on Innovative Language Learning Strategies of RCE Ajmer.
  • Workshops on Preparation of Blue-print of Question papers and also developing Marking Schemes.
  • Career counseling Workshops for Students.
  • Parent's Guidance and involvement Programs
  • Workshops at CBSE, NCERT and IGNOU
  • Phonetics and spoken English Workshop/training
  • E LT Workshops for English Teachers, Principals and Officers of KV's and Navodaya Vidyalayas
  • Seminars on Micro Teaching Skills
  • Workshops on Activity-based, Stress-free Pre-primary Education.
  • Learning Styles
  • Poor School Performance-Causes & Remedies
  • The Leadership Archetypes
  • Ten Traits of Effective Principals
  • National Curriculum Framework
  • Alternatives to Homework
  • Continuous Comprehensive and Cumulative Evaluation
  • We specialize in the field of Teacher Training. We have experience of training teachers of all the levels through workshops, seminars, orientation programs and interactive open-house sessions with a panel of subject experts, child psychologists’ etc.