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Training Module Teachers & Heads

Integrated Curriculum Planning
Inquiry Facilitation Planning
 Managing Environment                                               
Effective teaching and sound learning depends on how a teacher manages the classroom environment while motivating the students, taking care of personal behaviour of her pupils and all this depends on being prepared with appropriate classroom management techniques.
Motivation — A Power-House within

    • Teacher Motivation
    • Extrinsic - intrinsic Rewards
    • Student Motivation
    • Factors that affect student motivation
    • Motivation Factors and Strategies for students
    • Fostering Motivation in the school Setting

  Positive Attitude - The path to Success
  Behaviour management

    • What is behaviour management
    • Causes of Misbehaviour
    • Functional Behavioural management
    • Laying the foundation for positive classroom behaviour
    • Classroom rules
    • Behaviour management forms
    • Strategies to encourage good behaviour
    • Building positive discipline to enhance self esteem

Instructional Aids

    • Classification of aids based on sensory stimulation
    • Dale's Cone of Experience
    • Interactive Bulletin Boards
    • Maths Manipulative

Life Skills Training                                                    
Teachers play a multifaceted role: facilitator, life skills educator and so on. Attitude and behaviour of the teacher greatly affects the learning process of students. A proactive teacher effectively tackles all problem related to students and help them in life long learning. Time to time, it is essential for the teacher to nurture her Intrapersonal skills, reinvent herself and bring joy in learning through effective communication.
Maximizing Teacher Potential

    • Why should a teacher maximize her own potential?
    • Role of Teachers
    • Strategies for maximizing teacher potential

Stress Management

    • An Insight into Stress
    • Stressors
    • Optimum Stress Levels
    • Stages of Stress management
    • Stress management Techniques

 Time -Management and Delegation

    • Time Management: Myths
    • Conduct your time effectively
    • Understand how to be excellent at your job
    • Time management techniques
    • Stephen Covey's Time Management Matrix
    • Goal Setting

 Interpersonal Communication Skills

    • The communication Process
    • Concepts about Communication
    • Effective ways to Communicate
    • Barriers to effective Communication
    • Guidelines for Handling Communication Breakdowns

  Instructional Skills

Improving instructional skills:

    • Skill of Set Induction
    • Skill of Questioning
    • Skill of Stimulus Variation
    • Skill of Chalkboard Writing
    • Skill of Reinforcement
    • Skill of Pupil Participation
    • Skill of Classroom Management.
    • Skill of  Closure.
    • Skill of Illustrating with Examples.

Emotional Intelligence at Work
 Assessment and Learning
In these sessions teachers will be provided opportunities to explore how assessment practices can be used to improve the process of learning. Teachers will be exposed to various assessment strategies so that they are able to make formative assessment an integral part of their teaching.
o   Knowing what students think
o   Integrating Assessment into Teaching
o   Assessment tips and techniques

Concluding Workshop:-
                        Feedback &   Follow-up