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Empowering Teacher 24 sessions1

  1. Over View of the whole project:-Current Advancements in Education

      • Reflection on existing pedagogy in schools
      • Role of a Teacher and a learner
      • Classroom & Learning Environment

    Understanding Learning Process:-Understanding the BrainPath breaking research on the brain has redefined the way teaching and learning happens in our classrooms. This session will give an insight into how the brain impacts Human Learning. Teachers will be exposed to the principles & educational implications of Brain Based Learning.

        • What is learning?
        • Overview of how learning Takes Place
        • Behaviourist Approach
        • Cognitive Approach
        • Constructivist Approach
        • Zone of Proximal   Development
        • Learning Process
        • Brain Hemispheres

       Organizing Information

    This session will equip teachers with simple yet innovative learning strategies that will help teachers help students 'construct' knowledge and make learning an active experience. All these strategies discussed are student cantered and will enable teachers to transact the curriculum in the most effective manner

    • Concept maps
    • Fishbone
    • Clock
    • Cluster Word Web
    • Fact and Opinion Chart
    • Advance Organizers

    Collaborative Learning

    This session will introduce teachers to different group configurations, which they could use in their classes to build interpersonal skills in children. They will learn various strategies to manage group work effectively. Adequate focus will be laid on how to manage noise, equal participation and conflict during group learning.

    • Components of Collaborative Learning
    • Designing Group Work
    • General Grouping Strategies
    • Organizing Learning Groups
    • Group Roles
    • Group Management
    • Evaluating Group Work


    Questions are the most powerful tools we have for making decisions and solving problems, for inventing, changing and improving our lives as well as the lives of others. In this session the teachers will reflect on the process of questioning and learn to pose questions at different levels of the cognitive process to develop higher order thinking in children.

    • Structure of questions
    • Questioning as a Skill
    • Delivery & Distribution of Questions.
    • Probing Questioning.
    • Revisiting Bloom's Taxonomy
    • Developing the art of questioning in teachers

    Critical and Creative Thinking  

    In this session teachers will be exposed to Edward de Bono's tools for higher order thinking. Teachers will learn simple strategies to build creative and critical thinking seamlessly integrated within the curriculum.

    • Definition of thinking
    • Implications for teaching thinking skills
    • Strategies to promote thinking skills
    • The Teacher's Role

    Teachers as models
    Developing a climate conducive to critical and creative reflection Types of Critical and Creative Questions

    Commanding Lesson Planning Techniques.        
    Effective planning leads to a smooth and energized lesson and a clear-cut understanding of instructional objectives results in meeting desired learning outcomes. This session will help teachers hone their planning skills and ensure that they cater to the diverse learners.
    Learning Style and Multiple Intelligences

    • What are Learning Styles
    • Types of Learning Styles
    • Theory of multiple intelligences
    • Planning a MI lesson